Welcome to 4Partner OÜ!

We provide security, safety and site management solutions and products and specialise in low-current works and security systems and system maintenance.

We install closed circuit TV systems (CCTV), automatic fire alarms, intruder alarm systems, telephone and computer networks, communications solutions, perimeter protection systems, access control systems, anti-theft security equipment including security tags and checkpoints for retail stores, public address systems and other low-current security solutions.

We can offer you tailor-made comprehensive integrated solutions that include consultation, design, building and maintenance.

Sale, installation and maintenance of security systems

Intrusion detection systems for homes and businesses

GSM security, wireless sensors

CCTV, security cameras, webcam video recorders

Security systems

Automatic fire alarms

Fire alarm systems Nurse call systems and paging systems for people with special needs

Access control systems

Electronic key cabinets

Card systems

Customer counter systems

Time attendance and access control systems

GPS vehicle tracking systems Card systems for hot drinks and soft drinks vending machines, e-payments for vending machines Doorphone systems

Warning and notification systems

Check the systems with remote control modules via a web interface; log in with the Estonian ID card or mobile ID.

NEW! The module can function as a security system, access control system and many other systems. Home automation. Systems for the Smart Home and Intelligent Home. The alarm signal is forwarded to the monitoring centre of the security firm. Remote management of fire safety systems. NEW!

Taking the reading on your water metre and electric metre can be combined with different data bases.

Monthly, quarterly and annual regular maintenance

Emergency calls for breakdowns and maintenance

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